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James Halloran, MD

Centurion Center Centurion Center

Physician is an instructor for Lapiplasty® medical education events and is a paid consultant of Treace Medical Concepts.

Dr. Halloran’s primary clinical interest focuses on diagnosis and treatment of conditions involving the knee, ankle and foot. He has completed fellowship training in both sports medicine and foot/ankle surgery. This is a unique combination of skills that gives Dr. Halloran additional insight into the cause of many lower extremity injuries. He has in-depth knowledge regarding bone and ligamentous injuries of the knee, ankle and foot, with extensive experience in arthroscopic and minimally invasive management of these complex conditions.

Furthermore, Dr. Halloran has received comprehensive train...

ing from world-renowned experts in total ankle arthroplasty and cartilage restoration at Duke University. These are very complex procedures that can return function to an active person. Using a combination of three total-ankle replacement systems and a multitude of cartilage-restoration techniques, he is able to tailor the ankle treatment to best fit each patient’s needs.

Dr. Halloran’s commitment to an active lifestyle and athletics is evident in both his personal belief that activity leads to better health and his involvement with sports teams. Throughout his training, Dr. Halloran has been Assistant Team Physician for the Detroit Pistons (NBA), Detroit Red Wings (NHL), Detroit Tigers (MLB) and Duke University men’s soccer team.

Dr. Halloran strives to treat each patient with compassion and humility. It is his firm belief that the doctor-patient relationship needs to function like a “team” to provide cutting-edge care and exceptional patient outcomes.

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