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Mohammed Hossain, DPM

Dr. Hossain graduated from New York College of Podiatric Medicine, certified in PMSR and RRA, where he completed his residency at Jamaica Hospital, a level 1 trauma center, working with predominantly underserved community members. Serving as Chief Resident in his third year, a pillar of Dr. Hossain’s practice is being involved in continued education and supporting the next group of individuals coming into the field.
Growing up in the Bronx, Dr. Hossain has first hand experience with the foot health
issues of New York City residents. While achieving his Bachelors of Science in Biology, Dr Hossain shadowed multiple podiatrists and having witnessed his own family members struggle with their foot health, it became clear ...
to him that this was his path. Dr. Hossain practices preventative medicine, taking great care to discuss with his patients the cause of their issues and breaks down the steps they can take in their everyday lives to prevent future damage and more invasive medical intervention.
He is multilingual, communicating in Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, English, and Spanish. Dr. Hossain is pioneering a diverse way of addressing issues in the realm of foot health.
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