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Daniel Keating, DPM

Dr. Keating is a board certified podiatrist who treats all types of foot conditions. His approach to care is empathetic, focusing on truly listening to his patients and developing a treatment plan that addresses the whole problem. He treats a wide variety of foot issues, both surgical and non-surgical, including diabetic foot care, dermatological issues, fractures, plantar fasciitis and bunion treatment. He often recommends conservative treatments first, with surgical repairs as a last resort.

Outside of work, Dr. Keating enjoys spending time with his wife and his four grown children. Podiatry runs in the family for the Keatings – his father was a podiatrist, and his brother, Dr. Sean Keating, is also a podiatrist at Excelsi...

or. His son, Dr. Chris Keating, recently joined the practice as well. Dr. Keating has always enjoyed exercising and living an active lifestyle. From biking and running to tennis and other sports, his exact pursuits change but he’s always staying active. Lately, he’s been enjoying golf, which he believes is the great equalizer in athletics.

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