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Maybelle Maningat, DPM, DABPM, AACFAS

Dr. Maybelle C. Maningat is a board certified foot and ankle surgeon. Dr. Maningat specializes in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, trauma and fracture management, treatment of arthritic conditions, sports/athletic injuries, revision surgery, minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures, and diabetic limb salvage.

Dr. Maybelle C. Maningat is a board certified foot and ankle surgeon, specializing in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, sports medicine, ankle arthroscopy, acute trauma, and diabetic limb salvage.

Dr. Maningat evaluates and treats the entire spectrum of foot and ankle conditions, including sprains, fractures, joint disorders, sports injuries, deformity correction, complex reconstruction/revision surgery, d...

iabetic limb salvage, and wound care. She treats patients of all ages and activity levels with personalized, compassionate, and superior care, consistently supported by the latest technology and evidence-based medicine. She has an expertise in managing conditions with conservative care and only uses surgical intervention when appropriate. She offers non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques in treating various foot and ankle conditions, and also has considerable experience in various therapies such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and BMAC stem cell therapies.

Dr. Maningat completed her podiatric surgical residency at CarePoint Health | Hoboken University Medical Center, with an emphasis on reconstructive lower extremity surgery, sports medicine, and trauma. She received her Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine from Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine in Independence, Ohio where she graduated with honors and was a member of the Pi Delta National Podiatric Honor Society. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and Psychology graduating with honors from Syracuse University in New York.

Dr. Maningat is board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine and board qualified by the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgery. She holds several advanced certifications, including Comprehensive Internal Fixation/Reconstructive Surgery of the Foot and Ankle (AAFAO) and Foot and Ankle Arthroscopy (AFCAS). She is a member of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons and American Podiatric Medical Association. To stay at the forefront of best practices and emerging medical technology, Dr. Maningat regularly seeks out hands-on seminars that ensure such opportunities.

Dr. Maningat has expertise in the following areas:

Arthritis of the foot & ankle
Trauma management of the foot and ankle
Sports related injuries
Ankle sprains & instability
Ankle & foot fractures
Post-traumatic arthritis
Adult acquired flatfoot deformity
Cavus foot (high arch) deformity
Pediatric reconstruction
Achilles tendonitis
Plantar fasciitis and bone spurs
Bunion deformities
Revision surgery
Aesthetic foot and ankle surgical techniques
Lower extremity limb salvage
While she’s not caring for patients at Essex Union Podiatry, Dr. Maningat maintains a very active lifestyle. Her interests include traveling, rock climbing, skiing, rollerblading, and hiking with her dog Maxie.

Dr. Maningat welcomes new and existing patients to Essex Union Podiatry, and is available to treat patients at our Springfield and Caldwell offices.

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