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Hoda Naei, DPM

Dr. Hoda Naei specializes in Sports Medicine. She is board qualified in foot surgery and is a part of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists.

Dr. Naei was born in Missouri but grew up in Michigan. She graduated from Wayne State University with a degree in radiation therapy technology.

After Wayne State, she obtained her podiatry studies at Kent State University in Ohio. She then completed her residency at Beaumont Farmington Hills in Michigan.

She loves sports and has participated in many — from basketball to martial arts. During her college years, she was an avid kickboxer. Her experience with a sprained ankle during her time as a kickboxer is what led her to specialize in Podiatry.

“I still rem...

ember the pain I encountered after I had performed an uncoordinated kick,” she says. Practicing kicks is crucial to becoming a great kickboxer and is one of the most important parts of training.

The poorly performed kick left her with a sprained ankle that required medical attention. It held her back during her schooling and hospital rotations — since students must be in top physical shape during this time. She (obviously) went to a podiatrist to evaluate her sprained ankle and get her back on track.

“He took the time to explain the healing process and assured me I would not have any negative long-term physical problems,” she recounts. “The support and confidence that my podiatrist gave me eased my fear … and enhanced my interest in the podiatry field.”

She was able to do mixed martial arts for years and now enjoys hiking.

Dr. Naei currently lives in Santa Monica with her fiance. She is fluent in English and Farsi.

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