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Michael Nirenberg, DPM

Dr. Nirenberg is not only a board certified foot doctor and foot surgeon (by ABMSP), but he is also a forensic podiatrist. The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Women’s Adventure Magazine and many other news outlets have reported on Dr. Nirenberg or sought his expertise on foot or ankle related issues.

As a forensic podiatrist, Dr. Nirenberg has assisted law enforcement in criminal investigations involving footprints, shoes, gait and other foot-related evidence. Forensic gait analysis is a relatively new forensic science in the United States, though gait itself has been useful in criminal matters for many decades. He has provided testimony about footprints and shoes that has helped to convict persons of murder.

When Dr. Nire...

nberg is not working as a foot doctor, foot surgeon or a forensic podiatrist, he spends time with his loving wife, two wonderful boys and two cuddly dogs, and also wanders around Northwest Indiana taking photographs of local Hoosiers!

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