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Ria Sajnani, DPM

What made you want to become a health care provider or what is your earliest memory of wanting to be one?

Since high school I was always fascinated by my Biology classes and science based extracurricular activities. I wanted to pursue this early interest with a career that would allow me to be hands-on procedurally while putting my extroverted nature to good use.

What do you love most about your specialty? / Why did you choose your specialty?

I enjoy that Podiatry has a great deal of diversity in the pathology presented. A typical day will allow me to treat patients dealing with lower extremity consequences of diabetes, athletes with musculoskeletal injuries, and elective surgical deformity correction.

How do ...

you connect with your patients?

I do my best to listen to and understand the unique life circumstances each patient presents with that will ultimately determine how they are able to adhere to a particular course of treatment.

What are your interests outside of the office (hobbies, activities)?

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, usually centered around international cuisine, exploring New York City, long walks and scenic jogs, and podcasts to stay updated with all things news, culture and medicine.

What is your advice for your patients?

Stay active and stay preventative!


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