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Good Things Utah featuring Dr. Clay Shumway

September 15, 2021— Dr. Clay Shumway from the Foot and Ankle Institute of Utah was recently featured in a sponsored segment on ABC 4’s “Good Things Utah.” He explained what bunion deformities are, how they form and what options are available to treat them including Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction.

“A common misconception is that a bunion is simply a ‘bump’ that can be ‘shaved off,’” explained ABC 4 reporters Surae Chinn and Ian Bartlett. “But, bunions are more than a bump—they are complex 3D problems caused by an unstable joint in the middle of the foot.”

Dr. Shumway recalled that traditional bunion surgery addresses only two dimensions of the deformity but the Lapiplasty® Procedure corrects all three dimensions of the bone deformity and secures the unstable joint in the foot, allowing patients to get back on their feet in a walking boot relatively quickly.

“About 30,000 patients have gone through this at this point and they are loving it,” said Dr. Shumway. “Patients are coming in in droves looking for it.”

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