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Got Bunions, We Have Help!

June 11, 2021—In an interview with Hilary Topper, Dr. Jason R. Miller explained what bunions are, treatment options for them and how Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction differs from traditional bunion removal procedures. He also discussed the misconception that bunions are merely a cosmetic problem.

“Most people assume that a bunion is a growth of bone on the side of the foot when in reality it’s caused by an unstable joint in the foot,” says Dr. Miller. “It is a relatively progressive condition and certainly leads to a lot of discomfort and severe pain.”

Dr. Miller clarified that the Lapiplasty® Procedure addresses the bone deformity that causes a bunion by realigning the bones in the foot and securing them in their proper positions as opposed to simply shaving off the protruding bone in the toe. He reviewed case studies of athletes he has treated with the Lapiplasty® Procedure in the past.

Dr. Miller says that the procedure is a good option for certain athletes—even marathon runners—to consider. He finds it extremely rewarding to see patients who once suffered while doing the things they loved return to the same activities without pain.

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