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August 26, 2021— Dr. Abdi Raissi of Desert Orthopaedic Center in Las Vegas, Nevada was recently featured in a sponsored interview on Las Vegas Now’s “Talk to the Doc” segment. He spoke about traditional bunion correction procedures work and how Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction differs from them.

“Contrary to popular belief, a bunion is not an overgrowth of bone but a complex deformity,” said Dr. Raissi. “Traditional osteotomy bunion surgery involves cutting the bone, but not at the source of the deformity and shifting it over. We were seeing a high recurrence rate with that, up to 70%”1

Using a skeletal foot model, Dr. Raissi demonstrated how the Lapiplasty® Procedure, with its set of patented titanium plates corrects the bunion-causing bone deformity in the foot by securing the bones in their correct positions. He explained that this method allows for patients to bear weight on their foot in a surgical boot about two weeks after surgery. He also said that he has seen a low rate of bunion recurrence at 13-month follow-up, as low as 3%, in patients who have undergone the Lapiplasty® Procedure. 2

Dr. Raissi is a paid consultant of Treace Medical Concepts, Inc.

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