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WAVY’s “Hampton Roads Show”


February 4, 2022—Dr. Blake Moore from Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists joined WAVY’s “Hampton Roads Show” in a sponsored segment to discuss what bunion deformities are, what causes them to form and the options available for managing and treating them, including Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction.

Dr. Moore explained that bunions result from an unstable joint in the midfoot, despite the common misbelief that they come from wearing tight or uncomfortable shoes. This instability causes a deviation of the big toe, which results in a bump on the side of the foot.1

“Surgery is a great option for correcting bunions,” said Dr. Moore. “A long time ago, we would just shave off the bump. That was based on a misconception that the bump was where the problem was, but the issue is more proximal; it’s in the midfoot where there’s an unstable joint. The Lapiplasty® system corrects that by correcting the problem at the root cause.”1

“Lapiplasty® is a 3D correction technique with patented titanium plates across the midfoot to straighten the toe at the source of the problem,” explains Dr. Moore.… “It’s a correction technique that can be used for a lot of different types of bunions.” 2

With Lapiplasty®, patients can typically begin to bear weight within one or two weeks after surgery while wearing a surgical walking boot. 3

As with any medical treatment, individual results vary. There are potential risks and recovery takes time. For further information on the risks involved please visit our Patient Risk Information page. For a full understanding the postoperative care associated with the Lapiplasty® Procedure please consult with your surgeon.

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