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Mini-Incision System

Experience the power of Lapiplasty® through a Mini-Incision approach.

Mini Incision + Triplanar Correction minus the compromise

Mini-Incision Precision Instrument Set

By applying the Mini-Incision Positioner over the skin of the 1st metatarsal, the Lapiplasty® Mini-Incision System is designed to deliver the patented Correct Before You Cut approach for precision 3-plane correction through a 3.5cm dorsal incision.

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SpeedSeeker Instrument

Combining the Fulcrum and Joint Seeker functionality for stability and a more streamlined approach

Mini-Incision Positioner

Enlarged "cup" engagement designed to distribute the pressure for application over the skin of the 1st metatarsal

Mini-Incision Cut Guide

Miniaturized footprint allows for precision bone cuts through a mini incision

Plate Holder

Securely holds Lapiplasty® plates for controlled positioning without excessive tissue retraction

Powerful Tension-Side Fixation Designed for a Mini-Incision

PlantarPower Anatomic Tension-Side Plate

The PlantarPower Plate is uniquely contoured to span plantarly across the tension-side of the 1st TMT joint, while providing easy access to each locking screw without the need for extensive retraction of the mini dorsal incision.

Hear what the experts say

How does the Lapiplasty® Mini-Incision approach compare to MIS osteotomies? Learn more from JP McAleer, DPM Jefferson City, MO.

*Physician is a paid consultant of Treace Medical Concepts, Inc.

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