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Tara Harrington, DPM

Why I Became a Medical Provider: As an athlete for the most of my life, including my time at Stanford and beyond, I became interested in orthopedics and especially the lower extremity which led me to podiatry. As a physician, I am able to serve others in such an extraordinary way. I enjoy the relationships, conversations, academics, and diversity that patient care poses. Medicine allows me to influence lives in a way that is unique and rewarding. Personal Interests: My family and I enjoy traveling, biking, swimming, and many outdoor adventures including hiking, skiing, camping, fishing, and also community and sporting events. Special Clinical interests: Foot and ankle injuries, arthritis, sports medicine, orthotics, and wounds.

I ...

want to build a relationship and partnership with my patients to help them achieve their best health outcomes. I strive to care for my patients with respect, honesty, and compassion, which includes hearing their issues and involving them in reaching their treatment goals.


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