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What is Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction?

Patented, advanced technology designed to correct all 3 dimensions of the bunion at the root of the problem (unstable joint). Learn how Lapiplasty® has changed the game.

April, Lapiplasty® Patient
bunionectomy surgery

Before Lapiplasty®

A common misconception is that a bunion is simply an overgrowth of bone that can be “shaved off”. However, bunions are complex, 3D deformities caused by an unstable joint in the middle of the foot that allows your bone to drift out of alignment.


After Lapiplasty®

Advanced surgical technology returns your entire bone to normal 3D alignment and the unstable joint is secured with patented, titanium plates to get you back on your feet within < 2 weeks (in a walking boot).2

Bunion Surgery Has Changed

How the Lapiplasty® Procedure Works

A lot of powerful technology and advanced surgeon training combine to deliver the patented 3D Bunion Correction in an outpatient procedure. Let’s take a look.

3 Steps to Fixing Your Bunion

With the Lapiplasty® Procedure

1. Find a Doctor Near You

Use our “Find a Doctor” tool to locate and schedule an appointment with a Lapiplasty® trained surgeon in your area.

2. Get Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction

Have a specialized surgeon use advanced technology to perform a Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction in an outpatient setting.

3. Recover and Return to Your Active Life

Get on your feet in < 2 weeks (in a walking boot). Follow your surgeon’s recovery protocol and then resume your active life.2

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Vivian, Lapiplasty® Patient
Get Back on Your Feet Quickly 

Recovery From Lapiplasty® 

A typical recovery timeline is detailed below. However, timepoints and doctor’s orders vary based on each patient’s condition. Be sure to ask your doctor what your particular recovery protocol will look like.

Within Two Weeks

Begin to put some weight on your foot1,2

Next 4-6 Weeks

Walk in a boot and return to light activities2 

At 6-8 Weeks

Transition back into comfortable shoes2

At 4-6 Months 

Resume most activities and return to normal footwear2

See the Results

Lapiplasty® Before & After Results

View real patient images to envision what Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction could do for your feet.

These results are unique and specific to these patients
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Images courtesy of Aaron Chokan, DPM
Images courtesy of Thomas Pignetti, DPM
Fix It Right The First Time

Why Lapiplasty®?

Learn why the Lapiplasty® Procedure was developed by a group of leading foot & ankle surgeons to improve upon the inconsistencies associated with traditional 2D osteotomy bunion surgery.

*Physician is a paid consultant of Treace Medical Concepts, Inc.

Real People, Real Stories

“As a mechanical engineer, I was encouraged by the precision this technology provided the surgeon.”


Tom, Lapiplasty® Patient

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