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The Leader in Hallux Valgus Surgery

Refined, Tested & Validated

From the only company 100% dedicated to improving bunion outcomes, the Lapiplasty® Procedure is the evidence-based triplanar correction system.

focused years of innovation and technique refinement

clinical publications directly support the Lapiplasty® procedure

Lapiplasty® procedures performed, including many highly active patients3

surgeons growing their bunion practice with Lapiplasty®3

Key Surgical Steps

How the Lapiplasty® Procedure Works

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1. Correct

Make Your Correction Before You Cut

2. Cut

Perform Precision Cuts with Confidence

3. Compress

Achieve Controlled Compression of Joint Surfaces

4. Fixate

Apply Multiplanar Fixation For Robust Stability

Lapiplasty® Patient Outreach Program

What Bunion Patients are Searching For

Each month, Lapiplasty.com receives over 500,000 patient visits where patients can learn more about the Lapiplasty® Procedure and search for Lapiplasty® surgeons in their area.3

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