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Jared Malan, DPM

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Dr. Jared R. Malan DPM is a double board certified podiatric foot and ankle surgeon.

He is trained in advanced reconstructive foot and ankle surgery. He has completed two years of post-residency training with orthopedic surgeon mentors.

Dr. Malan is a specialist in all aspects of caring for the foot and ankle, including the treatment of athletes on the high school, college and professional level. He also maintians vast experience in limb-saving procedures and arthritis management.

Dr. Malan has volunteered with athletes in the Special Olympics and the Boston Marathon.

Dr. Malan is actively involved with clinical research. He has authored peer-reviewed journal articles. Dr. Malan has been featured as a speaker ...

to allied physicians and the general medical community.

Dr. Malan is fluent in Spanish. He proudly serves as a Latin-patient physician and advocate.

Since 2016, Dr. Malan has served Central Kentucky as the founding Foot and Ankle Surgeon at Spring View Orthopedics. He is actively planning to open additional offices.

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