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Jon Robinson, MD

Dr. Robinson joined Bridger Orthopedics in 2001 as a Lower Extremity Specialist and has been treating patients in Southwest Montana for over 20 years. He is fellowship trained in Foot and Ankle surgery and his practice provides care for patients ranging from pediatric trauma patients to geriatric patients dealing with age related conditions. Dr. Robinson recognizes that no ailment is too minimal to warrant his attention. He understands that feet are the foundation of our bodies, and if they aren’t working properly, other physiological or psychological symptoms can occur.

Dr. Robinson and his team also regularly work with collegiate athletes to return them to performing at the highest level possible. This expertise serves the res...

t of his patients well in helping them understand that he is talented and highly qualified to lead their care team in helping regain lost mobility or returning them to the activities they love. He works with other providers to exhaust all non-operative treatments including physical therapy, modalities, and pharmacological options before providing his surgical skills to help his patients.

Dr. Robinson specializes in minimally invasive procedures as well as performing complex surgical corrections for his patients. He is board certified and has held positions with Bozeman Health as their Chief of Surgery and as the Medical Director for Surgical Services. He currently serves as the Medical Director for Bridger Orthopedic Urgent Care.

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