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Felix Rodriguez-del Rio, MD

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Félix Rodríguez-del Río, M.D., is board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and is a fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon in the subspecialty of foot and ankle surgery. Dr. Rodriguez-del Rio’s practice includes comprehensive treatment options for foot and ankle conditions, including foot and ankle arthroscopy, reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, total ankle replacement, deformities of the foot, neuropathy, and charcot foot. Dr. Rodriguez-del Rio also treats general orthopedic conditions, including sports injuries, fractures and dislocations, and workers’ compensation injuries. Dr. Rodriguez-del Rio is fluent in Spanish and welcomes Spanish-speaking patients.


Mini-Incision™ Procedure

This Lapiplasty® surgeon performs the Lapiplasty® Mini-Incision Procedure

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