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May 3, 2021—In an interview with FOX 4 Kansas City, KC Foot Care’s Dr. Thomas Bembynista and his patient, Rosemary Stipe discussed how her decision to undergo Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction allowed her to truly enjoy her travels as a tour manager.

“I never wore sandals because my foot looked so horrible and I was really embarrassed about it,” says Stipe. “It really, really started hurting after a while.”

Dr. Bembynista explained that the approach used during the Lapiplasty® Procedure allows the foot to return to its proper structure. This typically enables patients to get back on their feet quicker, in a walking boot after surgery, than those who undergo traditional bunion correction surgery. He discussed that the procedure uses metal plates to hold the bones of the foot in their proper places.

Rosemary is elated that the Lapiplasty® Procedure has allowed her to travel and lead tours without foot pain. She is also excited that she can now wear the stylish sandals and shoes that she always admired. She and Dr. Bembynista encourage others suffering from pain due to bunions to contact a provider near them to learn more about the procedure and see if it is a good fit for them.

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