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Back On Her Feet After Bunion Surgery

September 1, 2021—Memphis army veteran and athlete Shannon Mullins was recently featured in an article in Memphis Health and Fitness magazine along with her podiatrist, Dr. Daniel Tucker of the Vascular and Vein Institute of the South. Shannon discussed her experience living with a painful bunion deformity before undergoing Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction.

“You never know how critical your big toe is until you have a problem with it,” Shannon says.

As an avid runner, Shannon felt that traditional bunion surgery would not provide her with long-term pain relief. This method would involve shaving down the protruding bone in the toe without stabilizing the bones in the foot. She eventually met with Dr. Tucker to learn more about the Lapiplasty® Procedure, a surgical method that addresses the bone deformity that causes bunions rather than simply shaving back the bone.

“This advanced technique involves rotating the bones back into place and securing them with titanium plates,” explained the reporter. “The technique and instrumentation make it predictable and reproducible for surgeons.”

Only two months after Dr. Tucker installed two plates, nine screws and one staple in Shannon’s foot, she was cleared to return to physical activity.

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