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Better footing: A doctor discusses new surgical help for feet



September 21, 2022 — Dr. Drew Taft of Foot & Ankle Associates of Southern NH recently contributed an article to the Hippo Press in which he discussed what bunion deformities are, a relatively new surgical procedure to correct them, called Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction, and how the procedure works.

“A bunion is a painful deformity and a very common one to form,” said Dr. Taft. “We see and deal with a lot of these .”

Dr. Taft explained that there are several types of procedures to treat bunions. These include head procedures, where the bunion is corrected from almost right at the level of the bunion itself; midshaft procedures, where the bunion is corrected through the middle of the metatarsal; and base procedures, where a specialist corrects the deformity from the base of the bone where the hypermobility is. Lapiplasty® is a type of base procedure.

With the Lapiplasty® Procedure, the bones in the foot are properly aligned and secured at the deformity’s root cause using a system of patented titanium plates .

“The biggest attraction for Lapiplasty® is that it’s really focusing on the apex of the deformity, where the deformity of the bunion comes from,” explained Dr. Taft. “That creates a nice stable correction.”

Dr. Taft performed his first Lapiplasty® procedure a little over a year ago.

“Everyone I’ve seen post-op seems to be doing very well,” expressed Dr. Taft. “I’ve had patients who had one foot done and signed up to get the other one done.”

For more information about the Lapiplasty® Procedure, including benefits and risks, please visit

As with any medical treatment, individual results vary. There are potential risks and recovery takes time. For further information on the recovery process, follow this link to Recovery Information. Please consult your surgeon for a full understanding the postoperative care associated with the Lapiplasty® Procedure.

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