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May 2, 2021—In an interview with TAAN-TV, San Antonio, Texas podiatrist Dr. Morris Stribling discussed what bunions are, treatment options for patients living with them and how Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction differs from traditional treatment options.

“When a patient has a bunion deformity, you see where the bone sticks out at the bottom of the big toe. That’s not where the real problem is. The Lapiplasty® Procedure focuses on pushing the bones in the foot back into place and addressing the real focus of the problem.

Dr. Stribling explained how this procedure addresses the root cause of bone deformity in the foot that causes the telltale bump on the side of the big toe seen in patients with bunions. He also explained the average recovery process that patients may experience after undergoing the procedure and provided a general timeline for what they can expect to be able to do as they recover.

At the end of the interview, Dr. Stribling answered important questions from viewers regarding what kind of support from family or friends they may need after undergoing the procedure, how recovery may affect their ability to drive and when they can return to wearing high heels after surgery. He recommended that those interested in discussing the procedure with him in more detail call his office and make an appointment for a free consultation with him.

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