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Everything Runners Need To Know About Bunions With Doctor Brad Schaeffer


April 10, 2024 – Dr. Brad Schaeffer was recently interviewed on the Run to the Top podcast with Finn Melanson. The pair discussed the causes and symptoms of bunions and how Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction® offers patients an advanced treatment option for the condition.

“A bunion can create a lot of pain when you’re walking,” said Dr. Schaeffer. “It can create bruising, fractures, and overall discomfort, let alone being unsightly1,2.”

Dr. Schaeffer delved into the effects of bunions, emphasizing their potential to cause complications involving a person’s knees, hips and lower back3. Stressing the urgency of timely evaluation, Dr. Schaeffer underscored the importance of getting a bunion checked sooner rather than later, regardless of the size of the deformity. He also highlighted advancements such as Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction®.

“If you really fix a bunion at its base origin and you shift that whole bone over in a 3D plane, everything realigns4,” said Dr. Schaeffer. “The Lapiplasty® Procedure is a game changer that I absolutely love doing.”

Lapiplasty® is a surgical procedure. The opinions expressed by this doctor are their own and not necessarily those of Treace Medical Concepts, Inc. Individual results vary, there are risks, and recovery takes time. Risks include infection, pain, implant loosening and loss of correction with improper bone healing. For more information on benefits, risks and recovery, visit

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