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Unstoppable: How Jennifer Petruzzi Has Redefined Success While Navigating Society With Bunions



September 18, 2022 — Jennifer Petruzzi of Cleveland, Ohio, was recently interviewed by Authority Magazine as a part of the publication’s “Unstoppable” series. She answered questions regarding how bunion deformities affected her life, how the foot pain they caused impacted her mental health and the advice she would give to other people living with bunions.

“As an active individual with bunions, every day became more and more uncomfortable with foot pain,” explained Jennifer . “Fatigue and pain while on my feet didn’t stop once I sat down.”

After undergoing a traditional bunionectomy on her left foot, Jennifer continued researching the latest bunion correction procedures for her right foot. She soon came across Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction, which appeared to be an innovative surgical procedure that corrects bunions at their root cause. This method corrects the misaligned bones in the foot and secures them in their proper positions using a system of patented titanium plates . Following a visit with Dr. Aaron Chokan at the Ohio Foot & Ankle Center, Jennifer scheduled surgery in January 2021.

“The pain during recovery was quite minor and limited movement in a walking boot made the recovery bearable.”

A few months after surgery, Jennifer was able to return to normal activity and has since enjoyed a life free from bunion pain. Jennifer expressed that the chronic pain she once felt impacted her life and her ability to enjoy activities with friends and family. Additionally, she felt embarrassed by how her toes and feet looked. This pain and self-consciousness weighed on her.

“The improvement in my quality of life has been immeasurable. I didn’t realize how much a “little” bunion impacted my entire body and life until it was fixed,” said Jennifer. “Bunions are very common. Don’t ever be ashamed to talk about them and seek medical care.”

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