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Lapiplasty® Procedure: Helping Patients Get Back on Their Feet


January 3, 2024 – Dr. Hiram Carrasquillo of the Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute contributed an article to the Jacksonville Patch in which he discussed bunion deformities, common misconceptions about the condition, and the benefits of Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction®.

Dr. Carrasquillo further explained that the Lapiplasty® Procedure offers a different approach to bunion correction that has several advantages. The procedure is designed to address the root cause of bunions in all three dimensions by properly aligning and securing the bones in the foot using a system of patented titanium plates.2,3 The approach addresses the cosmetic bump and offers a low risk of bunion recurrence.4,5

“The Lapiplasty® Procedure allows me to guide my patients each step of the way to get back to doing what they love,” Dr. Carrasquillo said. “This year, one of my patients is competing in an ultramarathon after being unable to compete for the past few years because of bunion pain.”

Only a surgeon can tell if the Lapiplasty® Procedure is right for you. This experience is unique and specific to this patient only. Individual results may vary depending on age, weight, health, and other variables. There are risks and recovery takes time. For more information about recovery from the Lapiplasty® Procedure, see the recovery information and discuss the post-surgery recovery process with your doctor. Risks include infection, pain, implant loosening and loss of correction with improper bone healing. For more information on benefits, risks and recovery, visit

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