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Marshall University diver back on platform after bunion procedure



November 21st, 2022 – Lauren Henderson, a diver from Marshall University, and Dr. Michael Gentile, chief of foot and ankle surgery from Marshall Orthopedics, were recently interviewed as part of a segment on WSAZ in West Virginia. They discussed what bunions are, Lauren’s history with the condition and how she was treated with Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction.

Lauren explained that she is a college diver. Once she got to school, the 20 hours of training a week including weightlifting and conditioning took a huge toll on her feet. The pain in her feet became too much to bear. She told her doctors and trainers that she did not think she could continue diving for four years.
“Lauren had a very common deformity called a bunion,” Dr. Gentile said. He explained a common misconception people have that bunions are just bumps on the side of the toe. “They can be much more than that. As Lauren said, it not only affected her ability to dive, but also her quality of life.”

Lauren’s team doctor got her an appointment to see Dr. Gentile, who told her about the Lapiplasty® Procedure and the benefits it could provide. He explained that the procedure would correct the bone deformity in her foot with a system of patented titanium plates.1

“In the past, surgery for bunions involved removing the bump, cutting the metatarsal bone, and shifting it over,” he said. “What we’ve learned over time is that this isn’t just a bump or a crooked toe, it’s a problem in three dimensions.”

After discussing her options, Lauren underwent Lapiplasty® on both feet in 2020 and 2021. She was non-weightbearing for two weeks after each surgery; after that, she was in a boot for six weeks. It took her about four months to get back into the water again and six months before she could fully jump and dive. “I recovered quicker than I thought I would,” Lauren said, “and while the readjustment was difficult at first, I now feel much sturdier on my feet with far less pain.”

So far, Lauren’s season has been going well. She is expected to continue diving throughout the rest of her college career.

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