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The Truth About Bunions with Dr. Brad Schaeffer



November 5, 2022 — Dr. Brad Schaeffer, co-star on TLC’s My Feet Are Killing Me and foot and ankle surgeon at SOLE Podiatry N.Y.C. was recently interviewed on Wake Up with Marci. During the segment unaffiliated with Treace, he discussed bunion deformities, what they are and how they form. He also highlighted a variety of treatment options including Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction.

“Your feet are your foundation and they are our body’s stability and shock absorber,” explained Dr. Schaeffer. “If you support them properly, you’re going to help yourself today and in the long run.”

Dr. Schaeffer explained the different types of treatment methods used to support patients with bunions, including the Lapiplasty® Procedure, which is offered at SOLE Podiatry. Dr. Schaeffer noted that the approach is his “favorite” method for treating bunions.

In the past, bunion correction was typically performed using a 2D osteotomy approach, which involves shaving off the bump on the side of the toe. This procedure does not address the unstable joint in the foot that causes the deformity and typically includes a lengthy recovery time.1

With the Lapiplasty® Procedure, the bones in the foot are returned to their correct positions and secured with a system of patented titanium plates.2 Patients are typically back on their feet in a walking boot within days of surgery and back to normal activity in about four months.3,4

“It is a seamless process and patients are so happy afterward,” said Dr. Schaeffer. “You can get back to doing what you love.”

Lapiplasty® is a surgical procedure. Only a surgeon can tell if Lapiplasty® procedure is right for you. As with any surgical treatment, there are risks; individual results may vary; and recovery takes time.  This experience is unique and specific to this patient only.  Potential risks include infection, pain, implant loosening and loss of correction with improper bone healing. For more information on benefits, risks and recovery, visit

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