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Traditional 2D Osteotomy

2D “Cut and Shift” Surgery with a High Incidence of Recurrence Over Time1

  • Unnaturally cuts & shifts bone; only a 2D correction

  • Addresses cosmetic “bump”; not the root cause (unstable joint)

  • Potential for high recurrence; up to 70% chance of bunions returning1

Traditional 2D osteotomy (sometimes referred to as Austin, Chevron, or Scarf Osteotomy) is the most common type of bunion surgery. This procedure cuts the normal metatarsal bone (i.e. breaks the bone) and shifts the top part of the bone over to artificially hide the bump and straighten the toe. This 2D approach addresses the cosmetic bump and can sometimes allow early weight-bearing, but it does not address the root cause of the bunion (an unstable joint). The bone is now crooked and the bunion is likely to return over time2.

Hear What the Experts Say

2D osteotomies cut and shift a straight metatarsal bone, making it crooked

“The fact is, common and popular metatarsal osteotomy procedures do not address the primary level of the deformity, nor do they address the deformity in all three planes. Instead, these popular procedures focus correction on a non-deformed metatarsal and actually create a new deformity in the previously straight but deviated metatarsal3.”

– Dayton P, Podiatry Today. 2019. 32:48-53.

*Physician is a paid consultant of Treace Medical Concepts, Inc.

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Traditional 2D Osteotomy



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