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WFXT’s “Inside Health”


March 15, 2022 — Dr. Michael Sganga from Orthopedics New England recently joined WFXT’s “Inside Health” in a sponsored segment to discuss what bunion deformities are, what causes them to form and the available options for managing and treating them, including Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction.

“The actual problem comes from the bone deviating,” explained Dr. Sganga. “The bone by the big toe will deviate through the mid-foot and cause instability, allowing the big toe to curl underneath or over the lesser toes. It’s truthfully a deformity, and it comes from the mid-foot.”

According to Dr. Sganga, the latest “go-to” way to correct a bunion deformity is the Lapiplasty® Procedure. Traditionally, bunion correction methods only addressed two dimensions of the deformity. Lapiplasty® addresses all three dimensions, aligning the bones properly and securing the unstable joint in the foot.1

In the past, bunion correction surgery often required patients to remain off their feet for at least eight weeks. With Lapiplasty®, patients can begin to bear weight typically within 3-10 days of surgery while wearing a surgical walking boot.2,3

As with any medical treatment, individual results vary. There are potential risks and recovery takes time. For further information on the recovery process, follow this link to Recovery Information. Please consult your surgeon for a full understanding the postoperative care associated with the Lapiplasty® Procedure.

For further information on the risks involved please visit our Patient Risk Information page.

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