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Stand up to bunions

A step toward healthier feet


Don’t let bunions stand in your way

April 16 is National Bunion Day. For the first time ever, this day is being celebrated in the United States. National Bunion Day will be celebrated annually on the third Tuesday in April.

What makes this day even more special? It’s happening during National Foot Health Awareness Month—giving us 2 reasons to empower you to

Take control of your foot health this month. Join us to discover more about bunions, explore treatment options, and take steps toward healthier feet.

What is National Bunion Day?

Addressing stigmas

Connecting communities

Sharing real stories

Did you know?

~1 in 4 US adults suffer from bunions1

You’re not alone

The challenges posed by bunions affect over 67 million Americans.1 These complex deformities result from the misalignment of the big toe joint, causing debilitating symptoms.2-5 But you don’t need to suffer in silence. There are ways to reclaim your foot health using advanced surgical solutions that correct bunions at the source.3

Fact or myth: High heels cause bunions.

Myth: While high heels can exacerbate the problem by squeezing the toes together and putting pressure on the big toe joint, they’re not the primary cause of your bunion.4,5

Fact or myth: Bunions go away on their own without surgical treatment.

Myth: Bunions are a progressive disorder and don’t go away on their own without surgical correction.4

Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction®

Address your bunions with the advanced technology of Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction®. This evidence-based solution rotates the entire bone back to its normal alignment—stabilizing the joint, alleviating bunion pain of any severity, and getting you back to the activities you love most.6,7

Most commonly used 3D bunion correction procedure by US surgeons8,9

Patients treated8

Back in sneakers in 6-8 weeks6*

Take a step toward healthier feet

Complete our bunion assessment

Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction® has impacted the lives of 100,000 patients.8 Answer 4 simple questions to find out if this treatment can help you too.

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There are 2500 Lapiplasty® surgeons in the United States.8 Request a consultation to see if Lapiplasty® is right for you.

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