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March 19, 2021—In an interview with Authority Magazine, Memphis, Tennessee runner and Army veteran Shannon discussed how undergoing Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction relieved the constant pain and discomfort caused by her bunions and allowed her to return to the activities she enjoys.

“Being a veteran, I always pushed through pain and considered myself to have a high pain tolerance, but the discomfort I felt was beginning to interfere with my ability to do the things I loved.”

Shannon emphasized the importance of researching treatment options to see which would be the best fit to a patient’s lifestyle. She also discussed the impact having a strong family support system and a doctor (Dr. Daniel Tucker of Memphis, TN) who answered her questions thoroughly had on her ability to recover from the procedure smoothly. She was able to return to physical activities including running about two months after surgery.

Shannon is excited that the Lapiplasty® Procedure has enabled her to run again without pain and plans to continue to participate in races and half marathons for many years to come. She encourages those who are looking for a solution for their bunions to research the procedure and contact a provider near them for more information.

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