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Lapiplasty® 3-Plane Correction at the CORA

  • Instrumented Reproducibility
  • Rapid Weight-Bearing1
  • Low Recurrence at 13-17 month follow-up1,2
Key Surgical Steps

How the Lapiplasty® Procedure Works

1. Correct

Make Your Correction Before You Cut

The Lapiplasty® Positioner is engineered to quickly and reproducibly correct the alignment in all three planes, establishing and holding true anatomic alignment of the metatarsal and sesamoids.1

2. Cut

Perform Precision Cuts with Confidence

The Lapiplasty® Cut Guide delivers precise cuts with the metatarsal held in the corrected positions, ensuring optimal cut trajectory with only 2.4-3.1mm average metatarsal shortening.3

3. Compress

Achieve Controlled Compression of Joint Surfaces

The Lapiplasty® Compressor delivers over 150N of controlled compression4 to the precision-cut joint surfaces while maintaining the 3-plane correction.

4. Fixate

Apply Multiplanar Fixation for Robust Stability

Low-profile Biplanar Plating provides biomechanically-tested5,6 multiplanar stability for rapid return to weight-bearing in a boot.1

Lapiplasty® System

Biomechanically Tested5,6 for Rapid Weight-Bearing1

Our low-profile Biplanar Plating has been biomechanically tested5,6 (and published) to be superior to a standard Lapidus plate and compression screw construct.5

21 Publications and Counting

The Evidence-Based Triplanar Solution

Backed by 21 publications and an ongoing 5-year multicenter prospective study, Treace Medical is recognized as the leader in advancing the scientific study of Hallux Valgus.


3D Bunion Correction

97-99% reproducible 3D correction1,2

<2 weeks return to weight-bearing in a boot1,2,8

10.4mm average reduction in foot width7

3.0mm or less average shortening of first ray3

2-3% non-union rate1,2

3% hardware removal rate2

1-3% recurrence rate at 13-17 month follow-up1,2

30% increase in cycles to failure with Biplanar plating5

(compared to dorsomedial Lapidus plate + compression screw)

Introducing the Lapiplasty® Mini-Incision System

Now Experience the Power of the Lapiplasty® Procedure through a 3.5cm Incision

Introducing the Mini-Incision Precision Instrument Set and the PlantarPower Anatomic Tension-Side Plate, designed to deliver a precision triplanar correction with powerful tension-side fixation through a mini incision.

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The Beauty of Reproducibility

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