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Midfoot Correction System

The Adductoplasty® System brings together Treace’s implants and precision instrumentation for the first comprehensive system designed for reproducible realignment, stabilization, and fusion of the midfoot.

Key Surgical Steps

How the Adductoplasty® Procedure Works

1. Plane

The Adductoplasty® Planer allows for congruent planing of the 2nd and 3rd TMT joint surfaces (for insertion of the Adductoplasty® Lesser TMT Cut Guide).

2. Cut

The Adductoplasty® Lesser TMT Cut Guide is designed to deliver precise, continuous angular cuts of the 2nd and 3rd TMT joints.

3. Compress

The Adductoplasty® Compressor delivers controlled apposition and compression1 of the corrective arthrodesis.

4. Fixate

The low-profile titanium plates of the Lapiplasty® Lesser TMT Fixation System are designed to provide locking fixation for corrective arthrodesis of the lesser TMT joints.

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Adductoplasty® Midfoot Deformity Correction  Before & After Results

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