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Midfoot Correction System

The Adductoplasty System brings together Treace’s implants and precision instrumentation for the first comprehensive system designed for reproducible realignment, stabilization, and fusion of the midfoot.

Key Surgical Steps

How the Adductoplasty Procedure Works

1. Plane

The Adductoplasty Planer allows for congruent planing of the 2nd and 3rd TMT joint surfaces (for insertion of the Adductoplasty Lesser TMT Cut Guide).

2. Cut

The Adductoplasty Lesser TMT Cut Guide is designed to deliver precise, continuous angular cuts of the 2nd and 3rd TMT joints.

3. Compress

The Lapiplasty® Compressor delivers controlled apposition and compression1 of the corrective arthrodesis.

4. Fixate

The low-profile titanium plates of the Lapiplasty® Lesser TMT Fixation System are designed to provide locking fixation for corrective arthrodesis of the lesser TMT joints.

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Adductoplasty Midfoot Deformity Correction  Before & After Results

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