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Triplanar 1st MTP Arthrodesis

Instrumented approach to triplanar correction with Lapiplasty® Anatomic Biplanar Plating

Key Surgical Steps

How Triplanar 1st MTP Arthrodesis Works

Instrumented Prep

The Lapiplasty® MTP Reamers are designed for efficient preparation of conforming cup-cone joint surfaces, providing the ability to easily adjust hallux alignment in all 3 planes.

Triplanar Correction

The Lapiplasty® Positioner allows you to dial-in and hold the metatarsal and sesamoids in anatomic position while you set the triplanar 1st MTP joint alignment.

Multiplanar Fixation

Low profile Lapiplasty® Biplanar Plating designed to provide multiplanar stability with standard-sized locking screws to eliminate intra-op measuring.

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