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About Lapiplasty® Become a Surgeon?

Lapiplasty® S4A

Anatomic Multiplanar Implants

 Next-generation anatomic implants designed to accommodate the 3D anatomy of the tarsometatarsal joint 

About S4A Anatomic Multiplanar Implants

Next-Generation Anatomic Implants

Anatomic, 3D Contour conforms to the intercuneiform joint and tibialis anterior insertion

Plate Centerline helps align with tarsometatarsal joint 

Versatile Kit Configuration allows choice of locking screws, including FastPitch® screws

About S4A Anatomic Multiplanar Implants

Left/Right Plate Guide

Left Foot

Blue drill guides (dorsal)
Gold drill guides (medial)

Right Foot

Gold drill guides (dorsal)
Blue drill guides (medial)

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