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Delivering another breakthrough innovation for bunion correction

Treace Medical Acquires 3D Technology Enabling Patient Specific Instrumentation:

Pre-Operative Planning

AI-enabled software utilizes the patient’s CT scan data to create a 3D plan for correcting the patient’s deformity

Patient-Specific Cut Guide

A patient-specific, 3D-printed cut guide is produced, customized to fit the patient’s unique foot anatomy

Customized Intraoperative Assistance

The patient-specific guide and associated instrumentation are designed to streamline the surgical approach for accurate, corrective cuts

Mark Easley, MD, Chief, Duke University Foot and Ankle Division said, “With my first patient treated, I’m impressed with the experience and outcome from using the RedPoint PSI and Lapiplasty® technologies. It’s exciting to have these technologies available for the first time where I can visualize the patient’s deformity in 3D, develop and simulate a surgical plan, and create cut guides specific to the patient’s unique anatomy, all before stepping into the operating room.”*



The RedPoint PSI software and systems will be integrated with Treace’s instrumentation and implant systems in 2023, with commercial introduction of patient-specific products expected in the second half of 2024.

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